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Hide and Creep (2004)

Thorsby, Alabama definitely has a RC-problem. RC is short for "Reanimated Corpse", in case you wondered.

I really don't know what to say besides "watch it". It is hilarious - the humour is on par with that of Braindead/Dead Alive, or, more recently, Black Sheep. There are even some parallels to Shaun of the Dead - top-notch, weird humour, inside gags that will only be apparent for horror movie fans, and just hilarity all over the place. I don't know when I was laughing so hard during a movie the last time.

The zombies are cheesy and the makeup is more than just obvious, but don't let that destract you. The dialogues are brilliant - Chance Shirley, I love you.

This movie has EVERYTHING - zombies, humour, nudity (full frontal lesbian zombies = awesomeness), gore, guns, boobs, brains, gut-munching, beer, whiskey, a semi-zombified reverend who likes his alcohol, a giant joint, a parody of the ever-famous mall-cliché, a horror movie buff, bad TV reception... Seriously. I can't say much more than just "watch it".


Highly recommended!

And in case you are wondering about the plot... I'm doing that, too, but seriously, this movie doesn't need a real plot.

Chuck (video store owner), trying to get a coke with his breakfast:

Waitress: "We just have Pepsi now. That okay?"

Chuck: "Is Pepsi okay. Is. Pepsi. Okay? No, ma'am. It most certainly is not. Pepsi, the so-called choice of a new generation, is nothing but a charlatan. A fraud. An impostor, and a poor one at that. The Pepsi-Cola company has somehow, through years of advertisements featuring well-known recording artists and pseudo-scientific research, convinced the world's population that Pepsi-Cola is comparable to, if not better than, Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola being the first carbonated cola drink, truly the real thing. You know, I've been another place where they don't let you choose what you want to drink... Red China."

7/10 funny inside jokes

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