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Dracula (1931)

Dracula... Bela Lugosi.

A legend, both of them - the 1931 movie as well as the guy who so convincingly played the Transsylvanian undead aristocrat. With the uncanny Romanian accent, Bela Lugosi has been an icon for a lot of people, including those of my generation - a quick "hello!" to Marc van Dark from Kitty in a Casket* is in place right here and now.

Once again, as it is with me and classics in the horror genre, I haven't had a chance yet to watch this movie. Had it lying around for about a year or so, but... as I already mentioned in my review of The Brood, I just didn't get around to watch it due to the sheer number of movies I have.

But tonight was the night... and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. Of course, there are shitty scenes and crappy effects (RUBBER BATS! RUBBER SPIDERS! Freaking armadillos...!) - but come on, people, this movie was made more than seven decades ago. And for a movie that old, it manages to be pretty good.

The acting, of course, is way over the top. Dwight Frye as the nifty character of Renfield is the one where this is most obvious - but nonetheless, I enjoyed his performance immensely.

And what would a review of Dracula be without honourable mentions to Bela Lugosi? He truly shines here. Maybe it's that he, at times, reminds me of TF**, but nonetheless his performance is awesome. No matter how much I know that the trademark accent - which I am able to imitate quite well, according to the last Shadowrun group I was playing a female character in - stems from Lugosi having been terribly bad at English, learning his text word by word and syllable by syllable - when you actually watch the movie, you hardly notice it. And there's no way around admitting that he is just nifteh***.

As for the plot, I don't think I have to reiterate it. If you have never watched any Dracula movie, you're missing out on an important element of today's culture. And yes, I mean that just the way I just typed it.

Cool old movie.

8.75/10 armadillos which definitely do not live in Transsylvania... I should know, it's basically just around the corner from where I live.

*Kitty in a Casket: Add them, listen to their music and tell Marc that I told you to do so. Nifty**** sound.

**The Friend, in case you forgot.

***cynsanity-ese for "nifty".

****Yes, I like the term "nifty" tonight.