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Fear Itself (TV) - "New Year's Day" (2008)

1st of January, 04:26 - you wake up, dizzy from a night of partying - and something is wrong. The apocalypse, maybe? What is it with those planes and helicopters? And the blood? Who or what are the infected? Infected with what?

What we have here is a straight zombie flick. I can't believe how simply structured that thing is. You don't need to know about the internal structure of certain horror - subgenres, either - the movie lives from being painfully obvious. The character structures - obvious. The plot - obvious. The deaths - obvious.

And this is something Darren Bousman did? Why?

Whoever wrote the script is either a total genius who wanted to create a parody of all things horror clichés are, or a total retard, unaware of the effects clichés in large doses can have on the seasoned horror veteran. I prefer to think - nay, hope! - that he is a genius, who sat there laughing maniacally all the time whilst writing this crap - a "I AM GOING TO MAKE BOUSMAN DIRECT THIS, HEHEHEHEHEHEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHIHIHIHHEHEHEHEHEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" - kind of moment. Possibly followed by a properly evil "MWUAHAHAHAHAAA".

I don't even know where to begin when it comes to the clichés of Fear Itself's "New Year's Day".

A group of friends is separated.
Relationship troubles.
Zombie outbreak.
Chemicals, created by Black Science.
The Undead.
Wild party.
Holing up in old places.
Barricading doors.
More zombies.
News broadcasts.
Un-barricading doors which previously had to be barricaded.
Frantic shots and editing (well... Bousman).
The problem with this movie is that it looks all around great. It looks like Saw - which means that it looks wickedly cool. But it just isn't Saw, or any of its sequels. Speaking of the Saw franchise - maybe there's a key as to why Bousman agreed to do this. Saw doesn't need a fresh, nifty story anymore (is someone else getting bored by the yearly Saw outbreak?), although it certainly wouldn't do any harm for something else now. Maybe Bousman just forgot how to recognise a good script?

Oh, and there's a Twist. A really unexpected one. Yes. *nods* It will... uhm... totally take you by surprise. Definitely. Because it is The Twist.

4/10 spasming girls on the ground.